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Wilkes University

Private University

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Project Rationale:

Comparing the Numbers

Parents today are becoming more and more active in helping their children decide where to go for a secondary education. For the most part, these parental decisions are made in comparing class rankings, GPAs, and the number of possible majors rather than with the numbers that really count everyday, like how many flavor combinations are available at the coffee bar.

At Wilkes University, sure a good education is important, but making sure that your child can walk home safely at night is just as important. And while comparing the number of park benches may seem unusual at first, once a parent understands that the “mantra” of Wilkes is about one-on-one mentorship time with your professors, it becomes very relevant.

This booklet calls out all sorts of intangibles aimed at giving parents a better sense of what Wilkes is really about, your child’s future, not another statistic for the University website.

Work completed to date:

Parent Mailer

School Specific Viewbooks

Work created for 160over90

Design: Greg Ash

Copywriting: Ryan Howell

Creative Direction: Darryl Cilli, Jim Walls