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Squared Eye

Web Interface Design Firm

Greenville, South Carolina

Brand Rationale:


Details are amazing things—the smell of fresh cookies, dimmable lights, a wireless Internet connection, automobile seat warmers—they make our lives better and easier. Even the simplest attribute has the power to transform something from the mundane into the unforgettable. They make us smile, curse or call our mother. At days end, it’s the details that we can’t stop thinking about.

At Squared Eye we cherish the details—finding things that aren’t expected, that’s when we know we’re on to something. Looking further, digging deeper, because we know that there’s more to people than meets the eye. Exactly why we build Web interfaces with depth and tactility. And design them to not only facilitate a purchase, display a thought, or sell a product, but be textured with the details that make them a profound interaction.

Read more about Squared Eye and their branding experience, download the Squared Eye Brand Identity Article (PDF/360kb).

Work completed to date:

Brand Concept


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Design: Greg Ash