Redeemer Presbyterian as designed by Able

( 757 ) 672 - 6921

423 East High Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Redeemer Presbyterian


Greenville, South Carolina

Project Rationale:


Our church is welcoming, non-exclusive, come as you are. We believe in renewing this community and loving all of life. We are not brick and mortar, we are organic and raw. We are held together by relationship. We wear sandals sometimes and suits others.

Like birds, our congregation isn't standing still. We are active, moving and reacting to each other, to our community, to the world. We are energetic, but not flighty. Our response has intention and meaning. Each action fulfills our commitment to each other.

We understand that adaptation to new environments or circumstances is inevitable, but we will do that together and intentionally. If you notice, migratory birds have a similar intention. Our logo should feel organic because we are constantly learning and improving. It should feel unfinished because we are.

Our church is not a building it is a community.

Work completed to date:

Brand Identity

Design: Greg Ash

Project Coordination: Cogent