> Designed by Able - Palentine's

Designed by Able - Palentine's

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Happy Palentine's Day

February can mean different things to different people. For us it means celebrating relationships, without them the world would probably end. And that is where the idea of giving away Palentine's were born. (That and those awesome Valentine's bags we used to tape on our desk in grade school.)

But hey, we know Valentine's are important,and we aren't suggesting a boycott. Not at all, instead we're suggesting that you give a little more "pal love" this year.

Internally we refer to this project as giving Valentine's day a mustache and after a few weeks and too many downloads to count, we can count this a success. So thanks to all of you Steeve McQueen fans for spreading the love. We hope to have other not so essential holidays in the coming months, so be sure to check back.

in the meantime you can still download the full Able Palentine's deck (PDF/200KB). Print them, email them, but don't call them late, call them vintage.