One Village Coffee as designed by Able

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423 East High Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

One Village Coffee

Coffee Roaster

Souderton, PA

Brand Rationale:

Come Together

We are asked all the time, what is ?One Village?? Great question. How do you refer to a couple of friends meeting for a coffee, for a run, or volunteers helping to elect a politician? How about a summit to stop global warming, or a crowd gathered to watch the world cup? The whole premise behind "One Village" is an open invitation for people to come together. We recognize the solidarity found in community. It's like we said when we were kids,"two is more fun than one."

We are one world, one human race, one village. Being a part of a group provokes a natural sense of responsibility. That commitment drives what we stand for. We owe it to our farmers, and the folks picking the beans to make sure they get their fair share. Without them we wouldn't have a single coffee bean. The same goes for our staff, vendors, and all the way down the line to you, our customer. We all depend on each other to make this work. It's kinda like a group wave that circles the stadium.

We are a local coffee company, not a political cause, or a big corporation. We have no hidden agendas here. We just love people and we recognize that a lot can happen between two people over an espresso. So what is "One Village"?easy, it's people coming together.

Work completed to date:

Product positioning


Point of Purchase

Customer Experience


Mobile Website

Design: Greg Ash

Copywriting: Rob Franks