Hunting Park Christian Academy as designed by Able

( 757 ) 672 - 6921

423 East High Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Hunting Park Christian Academy


Philadelphia, PA

Project Rationale:


In the midst of one of the toughest neighborhoods in Philadelphia lives a community that breeds hope. Inside the walls of an old cinder block building, children are loved, nurtured, and cared for. They are given a chance to grow and learn in a setting substantially more conducive to learning than the public school alternative.

And yet, with 3,000 children living within the half mile surrounding the school, it is hard to feel any impact. That is until you talk to one of the students, who refer to their teachers with terms endearing enough for a parent. The most noticeable difference though is seen in the number of smiles. Kid's are happy here. They have hope. But be careful it can be infectious.

Work completed to date:

Collateral design

Design: Greg Ash

Photography: Jen Deane