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The Gospel & Culture Project

Non-Profit Organization

Glenside, Pennsylvania

Project Rationale:


The gap between the gospel and our culture is as great as ever. This divide suggests the degree to which the church—we who make up the body of Christ—reflect the Western, private/public division in which our commitments are seldom expressed through social involvement. Although we proclaim Christ Lord of all, we’ve done little in applying the gospel to our world in a way that brings about eternally-significant, social, structural change.

The Gospel & Culture Project responds to this breakdown by training, shaping, informing and inspiring the body of Christ to apply the gospel to the key issues and human circumstances of our age. The GCP aims to create opportunities for challenging dialogue and education by focusing on the key issues of our day through the transformative lens of the gospel.

For more information on The Gospel & Culture Project and the process of bringing their brand online, download The Gospel & Culture Project Website Article (PDF/355kb).

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