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University of Dayton

Marianist University

Dayton, Ohio

Brand Rationale:



A truly transformative educational experience prepares a student to challenge conventional wisdom, scrutinize the world from unexpected angles and accept the opportunities that will allow them to grow into the people they are ultimately meant to become.

This concept focuses on how the University of Dayton’s pursuit of truth and worthwhile achievement, like each of its students’ pursuits, is constantly a work in progress, continually searching, expanding and persisting to reveal the breadth and depth of kinetic activity on campus and beyond. In effect, this concept says that the secret to the University of Dayton’s success is to immediately admit that you don’t have all of the answers, but that you are dedicated to searching for them. By examining how a UD education stimulates the mind, body and soul to educate the whole person, the concept highlights how an academic foundation of engagement, intellectual curiosity, fun and commitment to justice creates mature adults and ethical leaders who will strive to seek out truth and put their thoughts into action in order to serve the greater good.

Work completed to date:

Brand Concept & Elements

Undergraduate Search Piece

Undergraduate Viewbook

Guidance Counselor Campaign Materials

Work created for 160over90

Design: Greg Ash, Matt Bednarik, Emily Magnuson

Copywriting: Brad Failor

Creative Direction: Darryl Cilli, Jim Walls