Cross Street Capital as designed by Able

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423 East High Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Cross Street Capital

Urban Development

Wayne, PA

Brand Rationale:


Potential in a neighborhood starts with the places that matter?the places we identify with, where we gather, buy, live, and do business. Locations at the axis of a community are uniquely positioned to shape its identity, and sculpt the future.

Approached correctly with the right collaboration of people who design, invest, build, occupy and experience the space, cornerstone properties can reflect the purpose of a neighborhood, and build a future with the existing foundation.

Cross Street Capital is a development company that matches property with people, function, and community in the work of finding new definitions for underused structures. Through the restoration of the architectural fabric and integration of needed businesses, services, and housing, we develop lasting investment in communities and people.

We oversee the growth potential on projects by aligning a collective vision, researching for future impact, planning project development, matching investment partners, and restoring the legacies of the past. We provide communities the freedom to grow and offer collaborators a meaningful return.

Work completed to date:

Brand Development


Stationary System


Design: Greg Ash

Project collaboration: Two Paperdolls