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CC Magazine

Bi-weekly Cuisine and Nightlife Magazine

Chester County, PA

Project Rationale:


At first glance Chester County is a charming county. But you wouldn't know the depth of that charm unless you had the time to meander down and through all of the little towns and villages that comprise it. Maybe you get lucky. But, what if you had a guide? A plan, someone to tell you where and when to eat. A place to find the best music on a Thursday night and the most amazing two dollar tacos. All of the sudden life is better--people are listening to good music, enjoying amazing food and enjoying each other. Sounds like a party.

You get the picture. It is put together in three parts. The folks at WC dish know the food, the Daily Local knows the scene, and Able makes it worth picking up. It is the power of collaboration of three diverse partners that makes CC Magazine work. So, if you're in Chester County be sure to pick one up.

Work completed to date:

Editorial Design

Publisher: Randy Notter

Editor: Andrew M. Hachadorian

Writer/Editorial Coordinator: Justin McAneny

Writer/Contributing Editor: Mary Bigham

Design: Greg Ash