Cadence as designed by Able

( 757 ) 672 - 6921

423 East High Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Cadence Cycling

Retail Store & Training Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New York City, New York

Project Rationale:

Until humans are cloned,

We'll never give the same advice twice.

No two people are identical. So Cadence will never give the same advice twice. That’s a fact. And that’s why Cadence won’t treat two people identically. When a customer visits a Cadence store, the instructors listen rather than talk. Hear their story. Listen to their goals-—whether they are world-class or a weekend warrior. Figure out exactly where the customer is now as an athlete and just as importantly, where they want to go.

At Cadence each one is trained intelligently. Cadence expertise helps cyclists and multi-sport athletes of all abilities maximize their potential. At Cadence, finally someone is on your side.

With this sprinter van we are motivating Cadence customers at 65 MPH on the turnpike or in a parking lot at a triathlon. This message is loud, clear and never generic.

Work completed to date:

Sprinter Van Wrap

Work created for 160over90

Design: Greg Ash

Copywriting: Brendan Quinn

Creative Direction: Darryl Cilli, Steve Penning