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Attentive Health

Wellness Solutions

Telford, PA

Brand Rationale:

A Better Life For Better Living.

Your wellness is your foundation. At Attentive Health, we provide the materials and teach you how to build a healthier, better life. We use simple tools, like how to saute great-tasting broccoli, relate to your thirteen year-old, or find fitness that isn't a chore, to construct long-lasting solutions specific to you.

We believe that each person is unique and so is every organization. We don't do standardized. We can't, actually, because our wellness solutions are built by listening to you and understanding your needs. That means never giving the same advice twice. It means creating a plan that's unique to you, integrated with sustainable support, to help you reach your goals. And together we'll look beyond those goals to big picture results that are meaningful, quantifiable and have a positive effect on your bottom line.

At Attentive Health we know wellness, 100 theories and counting. But it's more personal to us than that. Our founder, Denise Lantz, lived a fast-paced corporate lifestyle, and struggled with her health for over 10 years before building a dramatically healthier life. That's how we know that managing the wellness of an individual or a corporate population takes knowledge, strategy, experience, and compassion. We did it, so can you, and so can your employees.

At the end of the day, we'll help you feel better and be more productive. You'll notice your employees coughing less and coming to work more often, smiling. You'll also see your health care costs improving in ways you only hoped for before. Our wellness strategies are optimistic, measurable, and designed for modern, everyday people. Because once you have the tools, you can create whatever life you want. This is your opportunity for better living. We're Attentive Health, let's build a better life.

For more information on Atentive Health and their branding process, download the Attentive Health Brand Identity Article (PDF/204kb).

Work completed to date:

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Design: Greg Ash

Copywriting: Tim Lyons, Rob Franks